Tomahawk Singles: Unraveling Political Narratives Through Music / 2020

About This Project

Enter the realm of political intrigue and musical storytelling with Lord Charles’s Tomahawk singles series. Each release, from “Tomahawk 1 – Kim Attacks” to “Tomahawk 3 – Chinese Whisper,” is more than just electronic dance music—it’s a narrative in sound, a journey through contemporary politics depicted in captivating instrumental beats.


At the heart of each single lies a thought-provoking political cartoon cover, drawing viewers into a world of satire and commentary. As the series progresses, the music evolves, mirroring the shifting dynamics of global politics, while the covers weave a visual tale of intrigue and controversy.


It’s worth noting that these covers have been banned on streaming platforms due to their provocative nature. Despite this, Lord Charles remains undeterred, releasing the tracks exclusively on his website—an act of defiance that only adds to the intrigue surrounding the Tomahawk series.


Join Lord Charles on this audacious musical endeavor as he pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, challenging listeners to engage with complex political themes in a unique and immersive way. With the Tomahawk singles, the intersection of music and politics becomes a playground for creative exploration—a space where art transcends boundaries and sparks meaningful dialogue.

EDM, Electronic Music, Music release, Political Cartoon