Videoclip Production and Promo Photography for RockEnergy Band / 2022

About This Project

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of our latest project, where we brought the electrifying sounds of a RockEnergy band to life through both videoclip production and promotional photography. As the film director, editor, and photographer, I had the privilege of overseeing two distinct yet interconnected aspects of this endeavor. Set to the vibrant rhythm of REM’s “One I Love” cover, our videoclip production captured the raw energy and passion of the band’s performance, transporting viewers into a visual journey of music and emotion. In parallel, our promo photography sessions captured captivating stills that encapsulated the essence of the band’s identity and style. From bold compositions to intimate portraits, each photograph served as a powerful visual representation of the band’s persona. Together, these creative elements seamlessly complemented each other, resulting in a cohesive and impactful multimedia experience that resonated with audiences far and wide.



Film, Music, Photography
Camera, Combination, Experimental, Film Director, Innovation, Portrait, Subject, Videoclip making, Vision